Because every brand
is worth protecting

The BrandRead.i.y Story

Finding a name for a new business, product, or service is never easy. So, is re-branding.

The possibilities are plenty. But the choices are limited - most names are already taken. Besides, the decision being subjective, opinions are widely divided.

Meanwhile, time is running out. The impending launch compels the firm to choose a domain name that is available after a quick Google® search for similar brands. Soon, your website is up and running.

As the business grows, it runs into problems. The brand cannot be registered as a business name. There are also similar names and hashtags already in use on facebook®, Instagram®, twitter®, LinkedIn®, and Pinterest®.

So, your brand ends up with multiple variants on different platforms, gradually eroding its equity even before it is built.

There is also the risk of a legal challenge from a trademarked brand that is identical, or looks/sounds similar. That may involve huge cost/time/effort in legal battles that distract you from your core business.

This happens with start-ups. mid-sized businesses and larger corporates.

If only it was not so cumbersome and time-consuming to check out names on all platforms and search the Australian Business Register and the IP Australia data base.

Enter BrandRead.i.y, the fast, reliable, and convenient self-service portal that tells you instantly if a name (new or established) can be consistently used across several platforms - as your web address, on facebook®, Instagram®, twitter®, LinkedIn® and Pinterest® or as a business name/registrable entity.

It is a one click, one stop Brand checkpoint.

Today, BrandRead.i.y will save businesses precious time, avoid frustration, and improve productivity. Tomorrow, it could stave off a legal challenge, preventing unnecessary costs and stress, and protecting years of investment in your brand.

It is a blessing for any business and a boon for agencies who work on multiple brands and projects across multiple clients.