Because every brand
is worth protecting

Founders' Story

Delia, Dan, and Mahesh found each other many moons ago.

They waited a long time before coming together ... and founded BrandRead.i.y.

Delia, a young mum and the brain behind BrandRead.i.y is the venture's lead promoter. Her decades of experience building iconic brands for scores of international clients led her to discover the need for a "Google®" dedicated to brand search. A search engine that could eventually ferret out a name from any online platform, business registry or trademark database.

Dan, fan of software architecture, cycling and cold press juicing is the start-up's head of operations. His seasoned track record in product development, web building, and tech consulting is much sought after in Australia and beyond.

Mahesh, an ambidextrous strategist is the project's lifeblood. His thinking permeates every facet of the BrandRead.i.y business model. A globally awarded marketer and alternative thinker, Mahesh has spent over forty five years in industry shaping organisations worldwide.

Delia, Dan and Mahesh bring to the business diverse and complementary skills/perspectives, but each with their own distinct personality. While Delia is driven to action, Dan is doggedly perseverant, and Mahesh always dares to challenge the status quo.

Yet, they all have one thing in common. A vision where BrandRead.i.y is the world's go to place for brand search. Get ready for BrandRead.i.y.